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She stands alone but smiles gleefully, and her expression invokes a very particular relationship between artist and model--she is clearly posing for a family photograph, not a painting.
Reluctantly yet also gleefully Josie leaves Sin City to take over her new property, which happens to be in her hometown that she fled years ago.
In Jiri Kylian's comic ballet Sechs Tanze, Spencer gleefully stabbed Gehrke in the back.
Equally disconcerting is the realization that every day of our lives, we breathe the same air that hunters, like those described gleefully massacring prairie dogs, do.
What was amazing was that the question was not 'if' [China is going to restructure and reform its financial system] but 'when' the reforms will begin," a participant gleefully offered, adding, "Markets would be surprised by how much the Chinese in particular realize that their current financial structure is unsustainable and needs to be quickly changed.
In Manhattan, barflies and unemployed actors told me of fiscal misery; one Wall Street buck gleefully espoused the wisdom of investing now--in Halliburton, Dick Cheney's oil interest.
Although LaValle's omnivorous, post-millennial appetite just as gleefully consumes underground horror flicks as it does Mumia Abu Jamal-style political theater, The Ecstatic's twisted but living and breathing heart is Anthony's family.
After releasing the stellar No Kill No Beep Beep in 2000 and losing its bass player Matt Borlik shortly thereafter, the band gleefully reinvented itself as a more finely tuned, tightly compact reflection of its original self.
The Cuban press, meanwhile, gleefully reported a return to normalcy "disagreeable to those who, beyond [Venezuela's] borders, had built up hasty illusions concerning the counterrevolutionary coup d'etat which was rapidly swept away by a popular tide.
A few limited-government types expressed outrage, but, as the left-wing American Prospect gleefully noted, many Republicans have suddenly embraced AmeriCorps.
Downtown bookies are gleefully taking the money of true believers in the strong mayor referendum coming up next month in the city.
He popped up in the 51st minute to gleefully hammer home from close range.