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I wonder how many of those who gleefully set off these monstrosities know anything about the historical event, nearly 400 years ago, that these bangs and explosions are supposed to be commemorating?
True Trekkies will be gleefully spotting mistakes in the new Star Trek film, Nemesis.
The Cuban press, meanwhile, gleefully reported a return to normalcy "disagreeable to those who, beyond [Venezuela's] borders, had built up hasty illusions concerning the counterrevolutionary coup d'etat which was rapidly swept away by a popular tide.
In her solo, Light Part 8 (reprised in August for the San Francisco Butoh Festival; see Reviews, page 71), the image of Takei skittering gleefully, hobbled by the garments she had tied herself up in, was unforgettable.
A Carl Heggs handball gave Darren Currie the chance to test the Carlisle defence and the Cumbrians were found wanting, clearing the ball straight to Niven who gleefully thumped a half volley into the back of the net.
Larry "Hustler" Flynt, a guest at White House functions and a friend of the church-going First Family, gleefully whacked Bob Livingston and Bob Barr.
This is quite literally the case, since our leading Marlovian gleefully reports in her introduction to the fourth volume of The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe how she contended with the "strangely unsettling experience" of editing what "must surely be reckoned one of the most imaginative creations of Elizabethan drama": "There were no major textual problems to speak of," yet "Marlowe's play has no starting-point - it comes from nowhere.
In the Home Alone films, a sadistic kid gleefully and repeatedly tortures some bumbling burglars, but the villains survive dozens of seemingly lethal encounters, and it's all in good fun so the films are rated G.
Without swallowing whole this dissent of these dissenters, it might be worth considering whether a precious baby may have been sent packing when the bathwater was so gleefully thrown out by the reformers.
Clancy, whose uncritical self-confidence must help him churn out the bestsellers, couldn't understand how a reader might prefer le Carre's dense, atmospheric plots to his own gleefully uncomplicated us-vs.
The Kame, the Hame, and the Ha are gleefully intact as Goku and company prepare to fire a flaming fusillade of fireballs at Freeza and the rest of the Dragon Ball brigade.
Taking its title and basic idea, but little else, from a 1960s British comedy, ``Scoundrels'' goes gleefully after America's self-improvement culture.