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Everyone is on the Oprah Watch, gleefully looking for tell-tale signs of Presidential slippage or gainage.
When a rising young film actor was arrested for soliciting a prostitute for unconventional sex, at least one tabloid told his story gleefully.
The city is gleefully expecting that it can extract big transfer taxes under the Pan Am ruling for the restructuring of the ownership of the Plaza Hotel.
The purple prose includes phrases like "my insides were gleefully dancing" and a poem by Katie that begins "Please stop dear tears / You're splashing in my ears.
Gleefully crude in its celebration of its thousand-thread web of conceptual and visual influences, the body of Panter's work is uncomfortably suggestive of the notes made by a particularly manic graduate student's long-suffering psychiatrist.
And he finished the job by gleefully banging over the last-gasp conversion which made sure his side kept their 100 per cent Heineken Cup record.
I wonder how many of those who gleefully set off these monstrosities know anything about the historical event, nearly 400 years ago, that these bangs and explosions are supposed to be commemorating?
True Trekkies will be gleefully spotting mistakes in the new Star Trek film, Nemesis.
The Cuban press, meanwhile, gleefully reported a return to normalcy "disagreeable to those who, beyond [Venezuela's] borders, had built up hasty illusions concerning the counterrevolutionary coup d'etat which was rapidly swept away by a popular tide.
In her solo, Light Part 8 (reprised in August for the San Francisco Butoh Festival; see Reviews, page 71), the image of Takei skittering gleefully, hobbled by the garments she had tied herself up in, was unforgettable.