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Appearing as a mini-movie glimpsed through the train windows, the Suntory ad featured two students performing cartwheels--apparently energized by the soda.
Habel's suggestion that a pilgrim in Piazza del Quirinale might have glimpsed the pope as the pontiff gazed at the city through a window (60) is tantalizing.
At the top of the ridge, an arrangement of stones marks the first of many spectacular viewpoints - looking directly down one can see the lush canyon directly below, but behind that is the sight of the town of Ojai itself, seeming almost like a Alpine village glimpsed from the top of the Matterhorn, though it's just six miles away.
In this fashion, Saffron Burrows cries to therapist Glenne Headly over her troubled marriage to Stellan Skarsgard while the offending Skarsgard is glimpsed in a lower frame.