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Technology is much like the stereotypical fickle lover: constantly changing and glitteringly alluring, but equally demanding and ultimately independent enough to leave you in a lurch.
7 presents a simple story: seven awkward rural characters hastily form a band to perform in a glitteringly "global" concert to be held locally by a big name.
If I'd lied less"--and ends with this glitteringly violent and provocative attempt at overthrowing the gaze:
And Australian-born Sutton already believes he has a crop of youngsters now in their early teens ready to ensure 2008 to 2012 is not remembered as a period too glitteringly successful to have been anything other than short lived.
Fierce competition (both athletic and amorous), mistaken identities, a failed suicide attempt and a foiled murder plot - it's a heady and intoxicating mix with glitteringly bravura music by Vivaldi.
Manama: October 19 -- (BNA) His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa the Prime Minister emphasized that investment opportunities in the Kingdom of Bahrain remain to be glitteringly attractive despite the challenges.
The albite specimens now with the Olsons are miniature and small cabinet-size clusters of thick, sharp, twinned crystals to 4 cm, all coated uniformly with chlorite, hence glitteringly dark green (although, come to think of it, there are also a couple of uncoated specimens which are ivory-white).
Spinning delightful yarns in Return to Yesterday (1931), Ford suggested that the English Review, like a glitteringly evanescent, fin-de-siecle little magazine, was doomed to an early death.
And each event, whether glitteringly elegant or casually down home, benefits a worthy cause; every date you circle represents a way to help our area's nonprofits continue their good work in the community.
It certainly beats those glum, lonely fish you see in tanks at some restaurants - everything was glitteringly ocean-fresh.
The blows of the basement hammer every day grew more and more between; and each blow every day grew fainter than the last; the wife sat frozen at the window, with tearless eyes, glitteringly gazing into the weeping faces of her children; the bellows fell; the forge choked up with cinders; the house was sold; the mother dived down into the long church-yard grass; her children twice followed her thither; and the houseless, familyless old man staggered off a vagabond in crape; his every woe unreverenced; his grey head a scorn to flaxen curls
Another job was to sign paintings, carefully copying the names from a book of fake signatures--all of them invented with the same attention to fantasy (if not the same flair) as the glitteringly savage nomenclature that in the 1950s transmuted stolid young working-class Englishmen from Smith, Wycherly, Hicks and Powell into glittering pop creatures named Steele, Fury, Wilde, Power, Pride, Eager and Fame.