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The Museum of Contemporary Art, designed by Isozaki on glittery Bunker Hill, is a less obvious venue for this major exhibit than the same institution's Geffen Contemporary, the garage/warehouse refurbished a decade and a half ago by LA's current star Frank Gehry.
Dancing to the sounds of big band in a rhinestone blouse and glittery shoes, she met her fourth husband, the late Ed Novey.
With a glittery shudder, a figure vanishes from view.
The National Urban League's decision to cancel its 1996 conference in Los Angeles because of California's recent anti-affirmative-action policies is already reverberating--tarnishing the Golden State's glittery image among African American conventioneers.
She's a shimmering sensation in the festive frills of a layered dance skirt, glittery gloves and magnificent headpiece, and with her bejeweled tux and tails plus top hat and cane, she's a classic, high-stepping member of the Rockettes.
For the shiny globes, you customize plain glass balls with glittery dimensional fabric paints.
The new metrostyle[TM] online-only leggings collection was launched on October 16 and reflects the recent love affair fashion editors are having with the 80's trends of skinny leggings, opaque tights and skinny jeans, taking it into the future with modern metallic ballet flats, slouchy leather boots, glittery striped tops, and a play on volume with blouson tunics turning up skinny leggings.
Country crooner, Taylor Swift might have ditched the glittery glam gowns for the simple laid back look of short shorts for her concerts.
It was a surprise to find something labelled "natural finish" contained glittery particles which cover the face even after a very light dusting.
heryl also admits she has the perfect festive outfit in mind - including a pair of glittery shoes.
com Features four vibrant colours - teal/ purple, black, blue and purple - all boasting a glittery look.
FANCY DRESS Who's that fellow in the fancy dress, With a glittery stick and a tall gold hat?