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READ MORE: UAE: Highest jump in resolving insolvency Ease of doing business: UAE leads Arab region 17th most competitive economy globally UAE joins the club of top 10 improvers globally The gap widens between UAE and other Gulf states
The UAE was ranked third globally in the efficient government index.
Egypt came in 109th globally, with per capita estimated at $ 6,650 a year, Jordan ranked 114th at $6,200 a year and Morocco ranked 119th globally at approximately $5,500 a year.
The desire for 'always-on' connectivity was also high in Thailand (88%) and Vietnam (88%) which, respectively, ranked fifth and sixth globally, while 86% of Singaporeans and 84% of Malaysians enjoy the freedom of being connected anywhere any time, compared to just 76% globally.
It ranked second (up from 4th) in basic requirements which measures the readiness of regulations and institutions, infrastructure, health and primary education; in efficiency enhancers which evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of higher education systems, labour market, financial market and technological readiness, the UAE ranked 14th globally up from 20th, and 21st (up from 24th) in innovation and sophistication.
Lebanon ranked 145th globally and 14th in the MENA region on the rule of law category, an indicator of the extent that citizens have confidence in and abide by the rules of society.
Coming up in your Weekend Australian "How the Left globally has been defeated and is of no consequence"
Over and over again the CEOs I met with stressed that globally literate leadership will be crucial for attaining and sustaining competitive advantage in the coming years.
Building the corporate brand globally, country by country
To make those big-budget films less risky, Hollywood looks for certain elements that will make them appealing globally, such as a bankable actor or state-of-the-art visuals.
Rebuild globally isn't a company; it's an incredible adventure with tremendous heart.
Oredoo, on the other hand, has a market value of $958m, which landed in the 94th position globally.