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The galls were classified into twelve different shapes, being the discoid, globoid and conical the most frequent.
Krabbe disease: An ultrastructural study of globoid cells and reactive astrocytes at the brain and optic nerves.
Positive relationships were found between indole butyric acid (phytohormone) concentrations and successfully induced globoid galls, and also between the number of adults of the galling Eurytoma sp.
This paper presents an original method to obtain the virtual model of the gear that can be also applied to the globoids.
Histological analyses showed a reduction of globoid number and size, and embryo abnormalities.
By 1914, Nyegaard had less than ten people on staff and tablet production was primitive, with packers putting Globoid tablets in bottles one by one.
Like a human with Krabbe's disease, the twitcher mouse lacks galactosylceramidase, has brain tissue infiltrated with the abnormal fat-containing globoid cells, and loses the myelin sheaths around nerves.
The cardiac silhouette appeared globoid, and the cardiac silhouette width: thorax width ratio was increased compared to published normal values for medium-sized psittacine birds (66%; reference interval, 51%-61%).
Pachycoris torridus (Scopoli, 1772) (Hemiptera: Scutelleridae) is a stinkbug pest of jatropha and is characterized by having a well-developed globoid scutellum over the wings for protection (Gallo et al.
Urediniospores globoid to ovoid, hyaline to light brown, 14-20 x (16-) 18-22 um; wall upto 1 um thick, hyaline, echinulate; germ pores obscure, 2-5, scattered or tending to be equatorial; paraphyses scanty, clavate to cylindrical, hyaline, mostly at the periphery.
All of the melanocytic nevi, including the neurotized areas, stained strongly and diffusely for S100 with an intense, coarse, and globoid appearance (Figure 4, A and B).