globular mass

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Head, trunk and limbs were there; even the fingers and toes were distinctly defined; and many professed to see in the distribution and arrangement of the fibers in the globular mass representing the head a grotesque suggestion of a face.
According to my hypothesis, the solar system has evolved from a globular mass of incandescent gas rotating around an axis through its center of mass.
Inferior to the umbo a neomembrane is retracted against the promontory, which appears as a yellowish globular mass.
A thread was passed around the globular mass toward the pedicle, the pedicle was ligated, and the tumor was excised (figure 3).
9 cm globular mass in the RVOT attached to the anterior free wall, with limited mobility (Figure 2).
A bilobular conjunctival mass of 15 x 17mm, globular mass of 15 x 20mm and third lid swelling of 20 x 20mm was seen.