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An archaic term for a court's judgment. For example, some criminal sentences still end with the phrase " … which is pronounced for doom."

See: condemn, convict, predetermine, punish, sentence, tragedy


judgment. The word ‘doom’ is Old English whereas ‘judgment’ is a very early French import.

DOOM. This word formerly signified a judgment. T. L.

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Despite recent gloom and doom headlines, real people can still buy homes in the Bay Area -- even if they've never owned property before.
The disparity between these destructive images of gloom and doom, versus a positive, life-affirming ideology, is problematic and nothing less than self-imposed.
Reading his gloom and doom chapter, one wonders why Ted Turner, Charles Schwab, and friends are buying land in Montana.
To all who believed in the gloom and doom predictions about Y2K, merry Christmas.
Underpin become underspin, doom and gloom was transformed into doom, boom, gloom and doom and this was before the Speaker had announced the appointment of Michael Portillo as leader of the opposition.