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He looked gloomily in Rostov's face and said: "I am witing to her."
I'm referring not to Sainsbury's groundbreaking glass deposit machines (which those gloomily homicidal Scandiwegians have had for only 30 years or so) but to Boris's extraordinary diplomatic panache.
There are no more savanna elephants either," he says gloomily. "The poachers are bound to come here one day."
The ERG now gloomily reckons that if there isn't a General Election we are heading for a postponement of Article 50.
He started writing his next epic Anna Karenina with the opening line that gloomily alluded to his own life, 'All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way' in 1873.
"Every time I was embarrassed to approach people, I mentally asked God and the saints for help, and the thought that I was doing it for those who need help, gave strength, and it was especially nice to stand at the entrance and see how people who initially reacted gloomily and with disbelief return with purchases for our wards.
With no company but the dead, Hel gloomily bides her time dreaming of Baldr, creating her kingdom, plotting her escape, and wishing for revenge.
The office worker chews gloomily on his meal, not speaking to his partner, while the teacher smiles and laughs as he recounts his day over supper.
On Sunday night, millions of people were gloomily pondering their return to work on the first Monday morning of 2016.
Before then the abiding image of Wimbledon was referee Alan Mills clutching a radio to his ear while staring gloomily at the heavens.
The endorsement from the Welsh public comes even though a number of leading rugby names are gloomily predicting an early World Cup exit for Gatland's men.
Certainly not to garden guru Monty Don, who describes the most common variety of laurel as gloomily Victorian, pointing out that it is also poisonous to other plant life.