gloomy outlook

See: pessimism
References in classic literature ?
But I laughed, as I read, at the journal's gloomy outlook.
But the gloomy outlook was expected and investors focused on the potential upside to the cuts made already to the company's cost base and sent the shares up four per cent at 86p.
Despite the gloomy outlook Fortis said it had enjoyed a strong nine months to September 30, with net operating profits up 4pc to pounds 1.
NEC officials denied the shutdown is part of the company's cost-cutting measure, saying a gloomy outlook for the future of the 15-member team is a major factor behind the decision to limit activities to men's team.
The gloomy outlook is reflected in the Consumer Confidence Index which fell to 74 points - down 20 from last year.
Informed of the gloomy outlook, Ms Georgestone's family, including her seven siblings, began preparing for the funeral.
Midland beer drinkers still face a gloomy outlook for their favourite brew during the continuing heatwave - even though the Ansells bittermen yesterday settled their dispute.
Trevor Williams, chief economist at Lloyds TSB Financial Markets, said: "Rising insolvencies, particularly in retail, may be driving the slight downturn but do not explain the gloomy outlook of UK firms.
Despite the generally gloomy outlook, Pilkington said it continued to benefit from a shift towards value-added products in both its building products and automotive markets.
Recent reports from both the European Commission and Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development have offered a gloomy outlook.
A gloomy outlook on the High Street for Marks &Spencer as results show disappointing sales figures
Mr Bannister said: 'Despite recent comments suggesting a gloomy outlook for 2003, we expect the market to slow modestly in response to deterioration in labour market conditions and some increase in mortgage rates.