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New measures to outlaw the glorification of terrorism and distribution of terrorist publications come into force today.
Then, safely back in Blighty, he was giving it laldy in the Commons about why making the glorification of terrorism illegal is the only thing capable of keeping us safe in our beds at night.
The glorification proposal was introduced in the wake of last year's July 7 London bombings as part of Mr Blair's package of measures to clamp down on "preachers of hate".
Another challenge is breaking down the glorification of the pimp-prostitute lifestyle made famous by music and films, as well as the hold pimps have over children, Lee said.
Yet, artists worked primarily in a revival of Song academic styles, prescribed by a conservative court for its glorification and prestige (5).
In your glorification of the deceased bishop of Rome, while rightly pointing out the good things he said and did, one should remember that under his reign more Catholics voluntarily left the church than at any time in history; more seminaries, convents, parishes, and Catholic schools closed; and there was scant attendance at Sunday Mass.
Nye, there's one thing we don't need in Ireland, and that's the glorification of masked men waving offensive weapons about on stage,'' he told the crowd at the annual commemoration of Seamus O'Slaughter (an IRA man rivalled in numbers only by Kaiser Bill when it comes to responsibility for the violent deaths of Ulster protestants).
Yet by overemphasizing the positive aspects of the music, Lewis suffers from the tendency of the fanzines he once wrote for to valorize that which is good in the music while engaging in apologetics when addressing its more unsavory trends, like its incessant--and arguably growing--misogyny, and its sometimes relentless glorification of violence.
While the nineteenth century brought ideals of glorification of the South, Dessens reports, "no parallel mythologizing of West Indian societies existed.
I was encouraged by the thought that it is possible to challenge the standard glorification of the Second World War, and more important, to refuse to allow it to give war a good name.
Far too much of our cash is spent on the self glorification of the political 'elite.
He said the government is also coming up with code of ethics for media that will prohibit not only glorification of terrorists and criminals but also smoking and drug abuse.