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Jesus is glorified and so he calls his disciples to glorify him and be made great by submitting to service--by caring for the needs and well-being of other human beings.
Jobs has been glorified for being highly attached to his family.
War is not to be glorified, or to be used as a propaganda "Mission Accomplished" prop.
NEW girl duo Mania have given Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus a roasting -branding her a glorified karaoke singer.
The type of Christianity that includes speaking in tongues, being slain in the Spirit, and singing and dancing during the service is glorified.
No one would want to compare this sneeze episode with the horrendous rape, murder and pillage that are seen on our streets and glorified on TV.
What was glorified as the independence war of the Arab nation in the famous movie was nothing more than the installation of the most backward minds into the command of one of the most unfortunate peoples of the world, not to mention the oil that they really were after.
Middle relievers and closers are, in most cases, a secondary option, one which is far from glorified.
But, so many fall down to where they're nothing more than glorified socks.
Some people think Cy Twombly's paintings are little more than glorified drawings.
The people with HIV in this movie are neither glorified nor demonized, and it's up to the audience to decide how to feel about the characters' actions.
And, yes, violence and domination are being glorified in the media, with little call for emotion and compassion.