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Still, Hebrews tells us that Christ learned from, and by implication, was glorified by his suffering (5:8-10).
According to the breathless narrative of this tasteless hagiography, a glorified exhibition catalogue, the house built by Venturi for his mother and himself is 'the most significant house of the second half of the twentieth century'.
Spinney says Parry Sound has evolved into a glorified highway rest stop for motorists on their annual pilgrimages north.
The "nutrition" comes from the handful of vitamins and minerals General Mills adds to these glorified Rice Krispies Treats.
Here's what an exchange between a mother and daughter might read like: "Kim, I appreciate your concern, but that assisted living brochure from The Gardens looks like just a glorified nursing home to me.
But families of the Wests' 12 victims fear the programme could be a glorified horror show.
It is hard even in motion pictures and theater to find examples in which violence is glorified.
TWO youths are facing jail over social media posts which abused a judge and glorified a murderer.
For example, in a typical experiment, participants were first exposed to media content that either glorified risk taking - such as pictures of extreme sports or street racing video games - or did not glorify such behavior.
Stanley Parkes, Lennon's cousin, said the programme, to be aired today the 25th anniversary of his death, glorified a killer.
The Toronto Sun newspaper editorialized that such a program was a case of "more money thrown at even-more-expensive, glorified babysitting services.