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and you rise up from table virtually governor of the glorious old State
What a glorious summer morning it was, and how the flowers did pour out their fragrance, and how the birds did sing
He turned blue all over, and died in the hope of a glorious resurrection.
As the barkeeper climbed along up, bowing and smiling to everybody, and at last got to the platform, these tents were jerked up aloft all of a sudden, and we saw four noble thrones of gold, all caked with jewels, and in the two middle ones sat old white-whiskered men, and in the two others a couple of the most glorious and gaudy giants, with platter halos and beautiful armor.
It seemed glorious sport to be feasting in that wild, free way in the virgin forest of an unex- plored and uninhabited island, far from the haunts of men, and they said they never would return to civiliza- tion.
It was a glorious Indian summer day, which suggested nothing of Thanksgiving, near at hand as it was.
It was a glorious resurrection, from the tomb of slavery, to the heaven of freedom.
A quarter of an hour passed before lessons again began, during which the schoolroom was in a glorious tumult; for that space of time it seemed to be permitted to talk loud and more freely, and they used their privilege.
And then at length the glorious mad descent down three plunging cataracts of rocky road, the exciting rattling of the harness, the grinding of the strong brakes, the driver's soothing calls to his horses, and the long burnished horn trailing wild music behind us, like invisible banners of aerial brass,--oh, it stirred the dullest blood amongst us thus as it were to tear down the sky towards the white roofs of Yellowsands, glittering here and there among the clouds of trees which filled the little valley almost to the sea's edge, while floating up to us came soft strains of music, silken and caressing, as though the sea itself sang us a welcome.
Immoral, licentious, anarchical, unscientific -- call them by what names you will -- yet, from an aesthetic point of view, those ancient days of the Colour Revolt were the glorious childhood of Art in Flatland -- a childhood, alas, that never ripened into manhood, nor even reached the blossom of youth.
The glorious results may readily be imagined; a happy compound of strength and sweetness, enough to soothe the most ruffled temper and unsettle the most solid understanding.
He was a flaming example to the wooers of glorious fortune.