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492-506) After that, the strength and glorious limbs of the prince increased quickly, and as the years rolled on, great Cronos the wily was beguiled by the deep suggestions of Earth, and brought up again his offspring, vanquished by the arts and might of his own son, and he vomited up first the stone which he had swallowed last.
And she bare him a stout-hearted son, Atlas: also she bare very glorious Menoetius and clever Prometheus, full of various wiles, and scatter-brained Epimetheus who from the first was a mischief to men who eat bread; for it was he who first took of Zeus the woman, the maiden whom he had formed.
543-544) `Son of Iapetus, most glorious of all lords, good sir, how unfairly you have divided the portions
548-558) `Zeus, most glorious and greatest of the eternal gods, take which ever of these portions your heart within you bids.
This is a glorious day for truth and justice, glorious day for magnanimity, glorious day for the work of the blue ribbon committee,' Dino said.
The messages were received as part of the initiative, 'The Glorious November around the World' on Oman Qaboos website which describes the personality of His Majesty the Sultan in 30 languages, stated a press release.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 26 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lauded the Indian Navy for their glorious service and humanitarian ventures they indulge in for the people of the country.
by ONA The Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs hailed the distinguished international initiative launched by the website as it provides an important e-window to showcase loyalty and gratitude to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bib Said on the occasion of the glorious 47th National Day celebrations.
Gujarat, March 8 -- Glorious India, the Mega Trade Expo, is scheduled on 27-28 May 2017 at New Jersey USA.
Capitals, Nov 22 (ONA) The Sultanate's embassies abroad continued marking the 46th glorious National Day.
On July 30, the musician's label Third Man Records will attempt to play a gold-plated 12" record of Carl Sagan's "A Glorious Dawn" in space.
Thousands of pilgrims including the admirers of the Saint and the preacher of Islam from all over the country including Azad Jammu and Kashmir attended the urs celebrations like all previous years to offer fateha and pay glorious tributes to Baba Pira Shah Ghazi for the great job he performed to spread the teachings of Islam bringing thousands of people in this region in the fold of Islam through his marvellous services to this direction.