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A pedagogics of forgiveness is not, however, a curriculum that attempts to vilify parts of history, but rather presents both sides of the story: the gloriousness as well as the guiltiness of "our" past.
He does not merely rationally believe that God is glorious, but he has a sense of the gloriousness of God in his heart.
Between his gloriousness and The X-Files, there's no limit to the fantasies.
This results in ambivalent feelings about the gloriousness of life and the comforting fantasy of death as a simple answer to the problems of the human condition.
No problem, you may ride on horseback or a well equipped car with a professional driver and walk through the desert to meet some of its gloriousness.
If you've got a fussy wean or any other party pooper who cannot yet be convinced of the obvious gloriousness of our national dish, try combining it with the next best thing in the world: pizza.
So whether it''s Andrew Lloyd Webber getting a little emotional about the Pre-Raphaelites or John Sergeant paying tribute to the gloriousness of Spike Milligan, the show is always interesting.
Just make a series of seasonal shows which also revel in the gloriousness of British wildlife.
Barney is aiming high here - he's talking about transcendence (the dailiness of attaining gender identity here having complex and rhapsodic freight) - and although the scene is on some level a giggle, it achieves a certain undeniable gloriousness.
This designer outlet (although outlet doesn't begin to describe the gloriousness of the goodies) will blow your mind.
More than anything else in life, it's the gloriousness of my family I appreciate now.