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Large in scope, yet inherently relatable, Glory Hole is an exploratory powerhouse, mixing the perverse and the pure in perfect symmetry.
Glory holes act like pool drainage wells but in a larger scale; while drainage wells are on the pool floor but overflows are at a certain height that if the water level behind the dam reaches a higher level, instead of moving through dam body which may lead to dam damaging, the water passes through the overflow and is guided to downstream.
But the most anonymous areas of all are the "maze" and the "glory hole" booths.
Though it's small, there's room for the tools of his trade: furnace, glory hole, annealer and his bench, where with the help of his wife, Maria, he heats, shapes and cools his glass sculptures with the split second timing of nearly 20 years of experience.
The company also reports that its most complex shaft project in 1999 involved construction of a 2.74 m cased glory hole. This will allow for total belt haulage of coal from a new longwall coal mine to a preparation plant nearly 16 km away.
The Etta pegmatite was originally a prominent knoll but by then most of the upper part was an open cavity and it was being mined as a glory hole. My entrance to the mine was through a tunnel at the base of the knoll.
Alongside the main furnace is the glory hole, a smaller gas furnace which is fired only the days on which Drewek intends to create glass objects.
The Bureau of Reclamation selected today New Melones Lake Marina, LLC, to develop and operate the Glory Hole Marina at New Melones Lake.
The Glory Hole was first discovered and skated in 1978 Rick Blackhart, Duane Peters and a few other skaters.
As a critic, I am normally hesitant to use such words as memorable or exceptional, but when I visited the alternative art venue LLS 387 Ruimte voor Actuele Kunst to see the exhibition "Glory Hole," these were exactly the words that came to mind.
The Glory Hole adds a creepy effect on his voice that makes it vibrate as he sings, "I'm chasing the sun, I'm chasing my dream" to a Velvet Underground drone.