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An annotation, explanation, or commentary on a particular passage in a book or document, which is ordinarily placed on the same page or in the margin to elucidate or amplify the passage.

See: color, comment, distortion, note

GLOSS. Interpretation, comment, explanation, or remark, intended to illustrate the text of an author.

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Nevertheless the appearance of these components did not match exactly, especially not their glossiness.
The glossiness of the print and the garish colour succeeded in enhancing the tactility of the represented body and certainly carried the illusionist effect of oil painting.
Data were also recorded on leaf glossiness on a scale of I to 5 [1 = highly glossy (light green, shining, narrow, and erect leaves), and 5 = nonglossy (dark green, dull, broad, and drooping leaves)] (Sharma and Nwanze, 1997).
Teaching portfolios, as Shulman's (1998) research has shown, have become mere exhibitions as style and glossiness have taken precedence over substance.
A short table documents key properties--colour, glossiness, translucence, texture, hardness, temperature, odour and acoustic opacity--and the treatment is notable for addressing sensory as well as technical aspects.
Epson AcuBrite Toner -- an encapsulated pigment formula that incorporates a special resin and wax to produce vibrant prints with a wide color gamut, accurate tones, high density, and an attractive level of glossiness on plain or recycled papers.
4 million grant from the EU's ViHAP3D project captures 3D models with their reflective properties and combines the object's geometry, appearance and glossiness.
All the pressure-treated samples lost their glossiness, and their redness decreased with pressure and holding time.
visual signs of health, youth, and vitality such as smoothness, glossiness, warm or true colors, cleanness, fineness, lack of blemish; vigor, precision, and comeliness of movement; sounds that are resonant, vivid, and powerful.
Production values enhance the glossiness of a pic that more than likely will spin off a TV series in the not-too-distant future.
On the other hand, the glossiness of Fekaiki's intense shades and variety in choosing her tones revealed quite an energetic hue; especially in the ones representing the human relationship that revolves like in the Death of deep love painting.
har muhre 'Kauri-Muschel, schlechte oder kleine Muschel, Kopfschmuck fur Maulesel (aus kleinen Muscheln)' (TAP 1876 : 897), khar muhrah 'small shells, cogg-de-perle, or glass beads' (DPE 227), xar-muhre 'Glasperlen, kleine Muscheln (als Schmuck am Halse von Saumtieren); weisse Muschel (als Signalhorn)' (WPD 272), wobei das letzte Element mehrere Bedeutungen hat, darunter auch 'Kaurimuschel' ('the concha veneris'): muhrah 'a kind of small shell resembling pearls, the concha veneris; glass or coral beads; a stone found in the head of a serpent; a shell employed in giving a smoothness and glossiness to paper; a smith's hammer' (DPE 581).