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Arita, "Hiccup reflex is mediated by pharyngeal branch of glossopharyngeal nerve in cats," Neuroscience Research, vol.
the glossopharyngeal nerve there is a controversy, since Lasiter (72)
1) It is innervated by Herrings nerve, a branch of glossopharyngeal nerve.
2) Therapeutic injections of local anesthetic and steroids at the attachment of the stylohyoid ligament have proved useful, although complications may include local hematoma and injury to the internal jugular, carotid artery, and glossopharyngeal nerve.
Two studies described PRF application to the trigeminal ganglion (7,25), two to the sphenopalatine ganglion (15,26) and one each to the intervertebral disc (16), sacroiliac joint (10) and glossopharyngeal nerve (27).
Taste is mediated by three cranial nerves: The sensory component of the facial nerve, glossopharyngeal nerve, and vagus nerve.
The palatoglossal flap provides necessary protection of those structures located within and just beyond the parapharyngeal fat, most importantly including the glossopharyngeal nerve and carotid artery.
Autonomic dysfunction, in particular, the glossopharyngeal nerve which is the primary afferent neural pathway of the carotid body, could have caused a reduced ventilatory response to carbon dioxide and hypoxia.
Other atypical presentations of this disease include entrapment of glossopharyngeal nerve (6) and even hypoglossal nerve palsy with Horner's syndrome.
10) Taste recovery may also occur because of compensation from other nerves, with the glossopharyngeal nerve maintaining constancy across areas of lost chorda tympani innervations.