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Then Ripple placed the flame upon his breast, and watched it gleam and sparkle there, while light came slowly back into the once dim eyes, a rosy glow shone over the pale face, and breath stole through the parted lips; still brighter and warmer burned the magic fire, until the child awoke from his long sleep, and looked in smiling wonder at the faces bending over him.
Now spread each wing, for the eastern sky With sunlight soon will glow.
The automotive glow plug is a device fitted into each cylinder of a diesel engine, with a heating element to heat incoming fuel and air to ensure efficient combustion when the engine is cold.
Similarly, in a diesel engine, a glow plug is used for heating up the combustion chamber for ignition.
In dawn's soft pale blue glow, I hear you breathing, relaxed and slow.
The Lightbulb sponge has dual sides to enhance and control glow: the larger side repels oil to enhance glow on the wider area of the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, while the round side erases the fear of unsightly lines that can be created when using a sponge with edges.
To attract a male, the wingless female glows from two luminous bands on her abdomen, right
Retailed information is available on glow website www.
The glow plug indicator light will light immediately.
4 : a warm and pleasant feeling <She felt a glow of happiness.
A two toned compact which is best suited for darker skin tone but used sparingly, it gives a nice subtle glow.
The glow comes from a gene, or unit of hereditary material, from a sea anemone.