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And, besides, we can make pictures of all that you tell us among the glowing embers and white ashes."
The softly glowing vision of the child moved away before me among the trees.
While my eyes were still fixed on the softly glowing figure, I saw it fade away upward and upward into the higher light, as the lark vanishes upward and upward in the morning sky.
Overhead it was a deep Indian red and starless, and south-eastward it grew brighter to a glowing scarlet where, cut by the horizon, lay the huge hull of the sun, red and motionless.
"You will never forget me," she said in the same tone at the glowing embers.
The whole structure of glowing logs fell down, raising a small turmoil of white ashes and sparks.
All I wanted was to keep her in her pose, excited and still, sitting up with her hair loose, softly glowing, the dark brown fur making a wonderful contrast with the white lace on her breast.
"Did the girl scorn my precious one?" asked Mother Rigby, her fierce eyes glowing like two coals of Tophet.
She put up her hand softly and touched first the shining brass knocker and then the red bricks, glowing in the October sun.
Out of all the fluorescent sea creatures we know of today, glowing jellyfishes are probably the most well-known and famous.
Lights glowing in the pool make for a fun, one-of-a-kind memorable experience.
The Glow Park features the glowing safari taking everyone on a thrilling journey with 'glowing animals' all round.