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Jackson added that the late bishop also had "a great love for liturgy and a great liturgical sense" in addition to being an accomplished pianist and spoke glowingly of "the liturgical tradition that he helped build up at St.
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho had backed the move, speaking glowingly of his former star last week.
The winger spoke glowingly of both his new side and Dragons boss Gary Mills after completing his medical at Colliers Park yesterday.
Dale Hemmerdinger, chairman of the Realty Foundation, greeted the audience, then following remarks about the Foundation's scholarship program by Lawrence Benenson, principal of Benenson Capital Partners LLC, David Sturner spoke glowingly about his father's tutelage and accomplishments.
Foster, who has always spoken glowingly about the club and how settled he is, admits he might end his playing career at The Hawthorns.
His chording of the first movement's beatific second subject was beautifully weighted, answered glowingly by the CBSO strings, yet at other times his articulation growled and spat.
Australia's selectors and those in the team speak glowingly about Nathan Lyon, both in terms of his bowling improvement and his levelheaded personality, the report said.
IT says everything about Wayne Rooney's importance to Manchester United that Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken so glowingly of the England striker.
Messi spoke glowingly of Martino, better known in Argentina by the nickname "Tata.
YOUR correspondent Andy McGregor writes rather glowingly (Views of the North, January 10) regarding the great benefit of the mid-term review and how mature and sensible the Lib Dems and Tories are proving to be.
Not everything that's posted on the blog is glowingly positive either - there's plenty of negative opinions shared on there too, be they about the way Cardiff has been redeveloped over the years, or about the cultural scene here.
They spoke glowingly about the people who helped them in their careers to get to the point where they are today, and put them in a position to pay the favor forward.