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A press release issued by the company said that the glucose monitor enables parents or caregivers to monitor the status of an individual's insulin pump and glucose trends, with alerts and alarms that can alert them at their bedside if, for example, the glucose levels of a child or adult sleeping in another room are dropping in the middle of the night.
Meanwhile, the development of different types of insulin and insulin delivery systems, the insulin pumps and glucose monitors, the pills and insulin sprays are designed to make living with diabetes more manageable than it has been in the past.
com) has today announced it received CE Mark approval for its Optical Glucose Monitor System , allowing the device, a new non-invasive continuous glucose monitor (nCGM), to be marketed in Europe.
3 FreeStyle Navigator-Abbott's Continuous Glucose Monitor System 176
The near-term prospect of a commercially available non-invasive glucose monitor will have a significant positive impact on the treatment of diabetes," says Dr.
Our first generation non-invasive continuous glucose monitor has been tested on over 350 people, exhibiting comparable accuracy to invasive solutions, while providing superior ease of use and safety.