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Hospitals have a choice of either using a POC glucose monitor tested and cleared for critically ill patients or following the regulations for off-label use in this population.
Medtronic and Dexcom are the only players in the US market which offer continuous glucose monitors
Patients who use continuous glucose monitors need to be instructed to calibrate the devices when their glucose levels are in a steady state rather than during a period of changing glucose levels, Dr.
LifeScan a unit of Johnson & Johnson, is offering a OneTouch blood glucose monitor (including a starter supply of test strips) at no charge to any diabetes patient who has been using the BD system.
mySentry(TM) Remote Glucose Monitor (Photo: Medtronic, Inc.
com/research/f35023/noninvasive_glucos) has announced the addition of the "Noninvasive Glucose Monitors.
Additional Information on Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitors
Most glucose monitors rely on bacterial enzymes, which can break down in hot environments.