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The moisture in the PVA glue needs to evaporate or get soaked into the surface being glued. One side effect: The glue shrinks as it dries, to compensate for the loss of water.
A recent spot (above) shows a window washer doing his job while Krazy Glued to his hoisting cable.
Key Words: Glued graph Height Big height Krull dimension Projective dimension Linear resolution Betti number Cohen-Macaulay.
The strength of the glued joint a lot depends on the interaction between wood and adhesives, and adhesion of the adhesive.
Mum-of-four Becky, of Pinkers Farm Grove, Northfield, claimed: "The nurse glued Lewis' head while he was sitting up and when she turned around it dripped down into his eye.
I left the glued pieces--stem and base--to dry overnight and started again the next day.
The researchers also say that the synthetic glue can deliver pain killers, growth factors, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicines or even stem cells to sites where bone fragments are glued, "simultaneously fixing the bone and delivering potent drugs or even genes to the spots where they are needed."
Furthermore, each thin cylinder consists of concentric rings, like tree rings, of glass glued together by an organic material.
Fire chiefs have condemned a dangerous prank in which a boy was left glued to a lamp-post after dark.
The original synthetic fields were totally glued down.
How easily the rocks break apart depends on what types of sediment the rocks contain, and how the grains are glued together.