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Once he's had his one cigarette he will be up and out into the tiny back yard making a pot holder out of bits of wood, or glueing the lid of the sugar bowl back together so that you would hardly notice the cracks in its blue-and-white spotted surface.
Bosses say the firm's new technology - which also includes a new glueing machine - will allow them to take the business to a whole new dimension.
By the middle of the month our excitement was further heightened at school, as we decorated our classroom and made Christmas cards for family and friends, sprinkling them with glitter and glueing them with bits of cotton wool for snow.
I have even heard of anglers glueing half a small coffee bean to a hook to make a fairly good representation.
He was then compounding the problem by glueing the joints together rather than using push fit joints, so any expansion caused by hot water passing through could not be taken up, with the result that it would buckle and possibly crack.
Floating floors laid over concrete must include a vapor barrier and foam underlay then the boards must be fixed together by glueing the tongues and grooves.
The 'fantasy nail art' category-which involves glueing artificial acrylic pieces onto natural nails and then painting them or even imbedding them with tiny gems or trinkets-is an undoubted crowd-pleaser at the Nailympics.
We are structured and during the day the children do painting and glueing, and learning through play.
Hatton banked on getting inside, glueing himself to Tszyu and slowly drawing the strength out of a champion whose recent inactivity represented his most obvious weakness.