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Mr Mitchell was left bleeding heavily from the face and needed a two -inch cut to his forehead glueing in hospital.
They stick themselves so there's no glueing involved and they're not too long either so look elegantly natural.
The fully automatic case erector is a high speed, servo driven machine incorporating a glueing system to seal the bottom of each case as it is formed.
TOADIE'S stag do involves pranks like glueing boxing gloves to his hands.
Unable to afford the 30-pound cost of specially made insoles, he came up with his own version by glueing four 2p pieces to a cheap shoe protector.
The unit helps to improve bond strength when glueing, printing or coating and is small enough to fit on top of a work bench.
There is also no risk of glueing or conjoining of the moist wound.
These functions include mental imagery and navigation, distance and depth perception, and visuospatial construction, which enables us to reproduce drawings or construct objects of shapes (such as glueing a broken object back together).
Christine explains how her change of heart has come from a sense of disillusionment and despair at the worsening workloads three years after her landmark study Glueing It Together outlined the seriousness of the problem.
German mechanical and engineering group Duerr (FRA:DUE) has taken over bankrupt glueing equipment specialist Kleinmichel in a bid to expand its glueing technology operations, the company said today in a statement without revealing the financial details of the deal.
She went to Cornwall with Poldark, glueing Rice Krispies on to the faces of peasants to give them sores.
Wity Machinery is ISO 9001:2000 certified and manufactures equipment for diecutting, creasing, hot stamping, paper cutting, sheet cutting, UV coating, laminating, embossing, glueing, cup forming, envelope making, folding carton folder glueing, screen printing, paper and plastic bag making, film extruding, and gravure printing.