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Glues labeled "water resistant" are fine for things that'll only get wet occasionally.
NEW YORK -- Recent years have seen a terrific ramp-up in the performance of household glues, and competition in the category is intense.
Black and colored glues are available commercially, of course, but you can make your own by mixing India ink into regular (permanent) white glue.
However, scientists know comparatively little about web glue, which coats the silk threads and is among the world's strongest biological glues.
Most glues don't work well inside the body, where everything is wet.
Glues to avoid are PVA based ones--some are ok, but you have to be careful.
Usually packaged in plastic squeeze bottles, these inexpensive, milky-white glues dry clear and are fast setting.
Loctite Control Gel Super Glue eliminates the oozing and dripping associated with traditional liquid super glues.
SEATTLE -- Surgical glues should be used sparingly in pediatric dermatology because they can be more likely than sutures to result in hypertrophic scars, Dr.
This early glue technology didn't change much until the middle of the 20th century, when different organic and synthetic glues began to be developed.
Three glues that contain soyflour--a combination of soy protein and starch--have properties comparable to those made with the blood protein, says Hojilla Evangelista.