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Here, after considerable search, and sympathetic questions as to what he wanted it for, and whether ordinary flour paste wouldn't do as well if she couldn't find it, the widow Homan finally hunted down her solitary bottle of glue to its hiding-place in a medley of cough-lozenges and corset-laces.
Gorilla Glue, with a name that's been a huge marketing success, is one of the best-known brands of polyurethane glue, a category that performs very differently from the white and yellow glues familiar to most consumers.
Elmer's Frosty Slime Kit is washable, safe, and nontoxic, with two clear glues, eight glitter glue pens, and two bottles of magical liquid--all you need to make slime sparkle.
Gorilla Glue makers say the risk applies to all polyurethane glues if swallowed by pets or humans.
Dozens of glues claim to work well on wood and a variety of other materials.
performance of the two different glues by building a bridge or tower.
If you're over 40, then you recall that 1980 TV spot featuring the construction worker who glues the hard hat he's wearing to an I-beam, then goes for a ride in the air beneath a crane.
IF you have repairs to do, check out Gorilla Glues, which come in handy for all sorts of jobs around the home and garden.
NEW YORK -- Recent years have seen a terrific ramp-up in the performance of household glues, and competition in the category is intense.
Black and colored glues are available commercially, of course, but you can make your own by mixing India ink into regular (permanent) white glue.
However, scientists know comparatively little about web glue, which coats the silk threads and is among the world's strongest biological glues.
Most glues don't work well inside the body, where everything is wet.