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Here, after considerable search, and sympathetic questions as to what he wanted it for, and whether ordinary flour paste wouldn't do as well if she couldn't find it, the widow Homan finally hunted down her solitary bottle of glue to its hiding-place in a medley of cough-lozenges and corset-laces.
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Black and colored glues are available commercially, of course, but you can make your own by mixing India ink into regular (permanent) white glue.
Most glues don't work well inside the body, where everything is wet.
Loctite Control Gel Super Glue eliminates the oozing and dripping associated with traditional liquid super glues.
Three glues that contain soyflour--a combination of soy protein and starch--have properties comparable to those made with the blood protein, says Hojilla Evangelista.
These two-part glues require mixing the glue just before assembling the pieces.
The plywood glues were designed to be applied by "foam extrusion," which is one of four conventional ways the industry applies glue to wood.
Photo: (1) Dian Robbins of North Hollywood glues flower petals on Sunkist's float for the Rose Parade.
Similar medical glues have been used in Canada and other countries for years, but they were either too weak or toxic.
Achieving a stronger edgebanding bond with PUR glues may be less expensive than you think.