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If using a mixer, be careful not to beat potatoes too much or they will become gluey.
Sure enough, the gluey healers were a cinch to administer--just squirt 'em in the critters' mouths and the goats smack their lips--but the medicines were too danged expensive
Pyl ypchuk renders them all with sad eyes and mouths, often in embarrassing or abject acts (sobbing; vomiting a gluey mess speckled with brightly colored stuff).
As a little girl in the mid-1950s, I remember inhaling the gluey aroma of roast lamb, Lucky Strikes, and old-man musk as I stood with my mother amidst the Walker women's furniture and vases and oriental rugs in the sitting room of my grandfather's Indianapolis apartment.
Because it is wrinkled and gluey, it will adhere to wherever the child puts it on the body of the rhino.
Scientists from Sam Houston State University in Texas recently found that bacterial communities spread a gluey substance over sandstone, shielding the crumbly rock from wind and rain.
The bass viol playing of Masako Hirao is rather gluey and prominent; but the sound Arita produces - as ever, perfectly in tune - when he chooses to play completely straight (with no vibrato) is breathtaking.
Our skin would stick to Daddy's gluey clothing and we'd smell like Mumma's Pine Sol.
For a few days, the conscientious objector ran along the belt, up steep slopes in gluey wet coal and rock-dust, dragging his hose behind him.
She was also beaten by a very good filly and Declan [McDonogh] thought the ground was a bit gluey for her.
Niki Royal's trainer Jamie Snowden said: "The ground was gluey and I think that was an important factor.