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Clarke), an additional small adaxial scale is observed in the spikelet, which might represent a remnant of the second glume, because the structure of this scale resembles that of the first glume in its thickened top and winged sides (Goetghebeur, 1977; Goetghebeur & Van den Borre, 1989).
The bracts of the ultimate branchlets (spikelet bracts) are often barely distinct from glumes (Goetghebeur, 1998).
A new glume appears as a tim-like structure, which soon subtends a floral primordium (Fig.
Goetghebeur (1998) classified all taxa characterised by Cyperus-type embryo in Cypereae, whereas Bruhl (1995) placed genera having spiral glume arrangement (i.
Karee is resistant to stem rust and moderately resistant to leaf rust and glume blotch but susceptible to scab and crown rot.
The levels of infection for the glume, lemma, and palea for Ernie were very similar ([approximately equal to] 8%) to visual ratings in the greenhouse.
Glumes 2-3 mm long, boat shaped, obtuse, pale brown with wide yellow margin, keeled.
Better to try sexy-sounding "naked" barley, also called hulled or hull-less, which comes from varieties that have looser glumes, so the bran layer can be left intact.
Apparently countering this lack of sophistication in the handling of sources is a wealth of technical vocabulary, much of it unexplained; the reader is left to struggle with words such as alambic, ard, astragalus, carucate, glumes, seedlip, skep, scur, spiles, and vaccary, to mention only a few.
In general, HT621 looks like hexaploid wheat although it is not free threshing because it has a brittle rachis and hard glumes.
The inflorescence of Jerome is awned, middense, tapered, with glumes that are midwide, long, and with elevated shoulders and acuminate beaks.
The glumes are midlong with a purplish tip, covered with long hairs, and have rough awns equal in length to the glumes.