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Use of superior gluteal artery perforator flap has been defined for the repair of PSD excision defects.
[sup][5] introduced the superior gluteal artery perforator (SGAP) flap for covering sacral pressure sores.
Extensive packing was used until a vascular surgeon arrived and used clips to control the bleeding from the superior gluteal artery that was injured deep inside the pelvis.
The superior gluteal artery arose separately from the IIA, and the inferior gluteal and internal pudendal vessels are given off by a common trunk in 63.2%.
Monstrey, "Soft tissue reconstruction with the superior gluteal artery perforator flap," Clinics in Plastic Surgery, vol.
In the case presented, we believe that the injury to the distal branch of the superior gluteal artery occurred during placement of the initial threaded guidewire while locating the greater trochanteric start point for cephalomedullary nail insertion.
This corresponds to the emergence of the superior gluteal artery from the upper part of the greater sciatic foramen.
Superior gluteal artery injury presenting as delayed onset shock.
A computed tomography (CT) angiogram revealed a false aneurysm with extravasation from the left superior gluteal artery with a massive pelvic retroperitoneal haematoma (Fig.
Second most common has been the superficial inferior epigastric artery flap, followed by the gluteal artery perforator flap, which Dr.
The arteries are as follows: the iliol umbar, which anastomoses with the superior gluteal and circumflex iliac arteries; the lateral sacral, which anastomoses with the median sacral artery; and the superior gluteal artery (Figure 3, lateral view of right internal iliac artery after dissection), which anastomoses with the lateral sacral, inferior gluteal and internal pudendal arteries (Figure 4).
Type I is defined as the uterine artery arising as the first branch of the inferior gluteal artery (Fig.