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When, however, it was discovered, by a serious cross-examination, that the Thane of Coningsburgh (or Franklin, as the Normans termed him) had no idea what he had been devouring, and that he had taken the contents of the Karum-pie for larks and pigeons, whereas they were in fact beccaficoes and nightingales, his ignorance brought him in for an ample share of the ridicule which would have been more justly bestowed on his gluttony.
Yet here are we in the lists of life, and there come the seven black champions against us Sir Pride, Sir Covetousness, Sir Lust, Sir Anger, Sir Gluttony, Sir Envy, and Sir Sloth.
These sins are: Covetousness, Unchastity, Anger, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, and, chief of all, Pride, the earliest of all, through which Lucifer was moved to his fatal rebellion against God, whence spring all human ills.
Those then who know not wisdom and virtue, and are always busy with gluttony and sensuality, go down and up again as far as the mean; and in this region they move at random throughout life, but they never pass into the true upper world; thither they neither look, nor do they ever find their way, neither are they truly filled with true being, nor do they taste of pure and abiding pleasure.
If, regardless of that counsel, you choose to make a beast of yourself now, and over-eat and over-drink yourself till you turn the good victuals into poison, who is to blame if, hereafter, while you are suffering the torments of yesterday's gluttony and drunkenness, you see more temperate men sitting down to enjoy themselves at that splendid entertainment which you are unable to taste?
A month's wages saves a month's waste and gluttony in the servants' hall.
In knowledge of horseflesh he was almost equal to a farrier, in stable learning he surpassed his own head groom, and in gluttony not a pig on his estate was a match for him.
After years of socialist gluttony well beyond our means, benefit culture change is necessary; keeping those in low paid or better off in part-time employment with tax credits shouldn't be anyone's goal.
Part is due to China's economic slowdown, since it was China's gluttony for many commodities that helped fuel the boom.
Surprisingly, this image permeates even the Slow Food Movement as visual fantasies and explorations drive the mechanisms of gluttony.
These holy days reflect all that is good and reject feelings of envy, hatred, gluttony, and lust, vices that are so prevalent in our secular society.
Sloth, I have to fight that tooth and nail, gluttony, I really have to watch that.