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Petersmeyer stated that a university-based clinical study comparing the Refinity Skin Refining System (in-office treatment) with conventional 70% glycolic acid peels found that Refinity reduced sensory irritation (stinging, burning, itching) by an average of 77%.
The fourth chapter deals with glycolic acid market trends review, distinguish glycolic acid manufacturers and suppliers.
8226; North America was the largest regional market for glycolic acid, owing to high use of glycolic acid based personal care products, with market revenue estimated at USD 44.
The therapist then uses a cotton bud to dab a measured amount of glycolic acid on the face.
My treatment - the very latest to hit the market - contains glycolic acid, said to be the super-moisturising AHA because of its ability to penetrate the deepest layers of skin.
For women who are not pregnant or lactating, she recommends treatment with Lustra, which is a 4% hydroquinone with glycolic acid for increased penetration.
On the facial front, lines and wrinkles are smoothed away with the latest collagen procedure, and acute acne or pigmentation marks are treated with glycolic acid preparations.
For patients who ingest ethylene glycol (present in antifreeze), the high anion gap metabolic acidosis is the result of the metabolism of ethylene glycol to glycolic acid (1, 2).
Unlike glycolic acid peels, it can be applied almost anywhere on the body.
It was disappointing, therefore, that the authors did not include glycolic acid (GA) analysis in their investigations.
Featured in the April issue, InStyle notes the product's combination of Hydroquinone and Glycolic Acid as what separates it from competitors.