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uk @birminghammail VANDALS have decapitated more than 40 garden gnomes at a Midlands family fun attraction - and beheaded a crocodile.
The following night, Derek sneaked out with a hammer, intending to smash the gnome to bits, but ended up waking the neighbourhood with his screams as he ran home with punctured feet.
And we give you, our readers, this pledge: we will leave no gnome unturned in our battle to keep streets safe, clean and fit for children.
After the students added the arms legs, they decided what position their gnome would take.
So why has Gnome 3 been forked, and why does Cinnamon stand a chance?
GNOME 2 applications will continue to work in the new environment without modification, letting developers move to the GNOME 3 environment at their own pace.
Being a part of Gnome Business Solutions (GBS) SupportMart always choose best platform to serve their customers by fulfilling all critera and is always happy to help their customers by offering a number of tech support services like PC installation and recovery, anti-virus/spyware, data back-up and PC speed optimization, where tech support is unlimited in its annual plan at very nominal rates.
LiMo Foundation and GNOME Foundation today announced that they have formalised their relationship, with LiMo Foundation becoming a member of GNOME Foundation's Advisory Board and GNOME Foundation becoming an Industry Liaison Partner for LiMo Foundation.
com LP, a US-based online travel company, has announced that its scheme to take its Travelocity Roaming Gnome, a statue that denotes a gnome or a mythical creature, on the last step of its vacation will be decided soon.
According to The Times, the golden gnome has gone on display at an art gallery in Nuremberg, the Bavarian city that hosted huge Nazi party rallies before the Second World War and the major war crimes trials afterwards.
A Gnome's Story, a metaphysical introduction to the world of Gnomes, Faeries, Elves, and Leprechauns.
POLICE knocked on homeowner Gordon MacKillop's door at midnight - and ordered him to remove a glowing gnome from his garden.