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However, after failing to be selected for the final event, the gnome and its partner piece - a ghost figurine currently visible from Framwellgate Bridge - went on display instead as part of the university's Art Week which started on March 9.
Andrew and Charlie's future projects include The Ranomes - based on The Ramones - and the Gnome Father, based on Paul Weller, aka the Modfather.
This year I think," he added, staring disappointedly at a gnome guzzling from a jug, "will not be so good.
Producer Steve Hamilton Shaw said: "Action detective stories need some gnomes to liven them up, I'm sure Arthur Conan Doyle would agree.
One of my students, Lauren, made her gnome saluting her dad, who is serving in the military overseas.
THIS summer it is expected that British gardens will see an invasion of garden gnomes.
Miguel de Icaza, GNOME co-founder: "GNOME continues to innovate in the desktop space.
The Roaming Gnome is on its last leg of journey and voting is on between Austin and New Orleans in US for hosting the icon's wrap-up party.
The gnome is the work of Ottmar Hoerl, the 59-year-old president of the city's Academy for Fine Arts.
POLICE knocked on homeowner Gordon MacKillop's door at midnight - and ordered him to remove a glowing gnome from his garden.
The promotion, initiated originally as a tongue-in-cheek, if somewhat mystifying, response to the recently published book Bollocks to Alton Towers, allowed people free admission if they brought along a gnome to Staffordshire tourist attraction.
However Mike Lorimer from Alton Towers warns: "People buying gnomes from touts should be very careful as we have laid down strict guidelines determining the type of gnome which gets in free.