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13) They are gnomic because they really require a lot more spelling out than I can provide in this space.
The gnomic response was typical of a man who has become increasingly taciturn over the course of his tenure.
They see connections between ultra-modern transgenic techniques to transform the biological world and hidden goals of ancient alchemists, gnomic sacred texts, and possible prehistorical high-tech civilizations.
Among the topics are the role of rhetorical elaboration in the formation of Mark's passion narrative 14:43-16:8, the enigma of imperial cultic activities and Paul in Corinth, Pauline paraenesis in Romans 12 and Greek gnomic wisdom, journeys to the upper and outer regions of the world, and generic relationships in Hellenistic Judaism and early Christianity.
Wittgenstein is represented, but only by his more gnomic and obscure statements.
It contributes to the motif of Empedocles on Aetna and to the gnomic aloofness of Heraclitus.
Their thinking comes at you openly; they are not cryptic, oblique, convoluted, abstruse, gnomic, or private.
In thirty-six gnomic declarations, together with their visual accompaniments, we confront decay: of forms, of time and memory, of signification and light.
Inspired by our friend Amy's gnomic cry of "all ball," Lucine was ready to start yelling.
5) This gnomic crystallization of the Bazinian aesthetic is the main thread connecting the book's four chapters, three of which respectively examine the tertiary phases of cinema, which Andrew names as "recording" (production), "composing" (post-production), and "screening" (exhibition) (xxv), with the final chapter focused upon the essence of cinema, which Andrew understands as essentially mutable, yet inexorably tied up with reality.
Marsalis's insights into jazz are sometimes more gnomic even than the average New Age guide; after all, he spends a good portion of the book recounting conversations with musicians.