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This great series very often uses the didactic mode (and the final couplets have often gnomic or proverbial form).
As its manuscript placement reminds us, the tripartite Exeter Maxims is a significantly different poem than its generic cousin, Cotton Maxims, a shorter gnomic catalog preserved between the metrical calendar known as the Menologium and a copy of the prose Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius B.
Among the topics are the role of rhetorical elaboration in the formation of Mark's passion narrative 14:43-16:8, the enigma of imperial cultic activities and Paul in Corinth, Pauline paraenesis in Romans 12 and Greek gnomic wisdom, journeys to the upper and outer regions of the world, and generic relationships in Hellenistic Judaism and early Christianity.
In thirty-six gnomic declarations, together with their visual accompaniments, we confront decay: of forms, of time and memory, of signification and light.
Inspired by our friend Amy's gnomic cry of "all ball," Lucine was ready to start yelling.
Their use of language deteriorates to the point when meaning (hopefully) vanishes and we hacks are left to put our own, corporately deniable, slant on their gnomic pronouncements.
In one of her works the tree of olive-green/black gnomic faces, with blood-stained and sinister-looking life-less eyes, seem to speak on the dilemma of a preferred/imposed single identity.
5) This gnomic crystallization of the Bazinian aesthetic is the main thread connecting the book's four chapters, three of which respectively examine the tertiary phases of cinema, which Andrew names as "recording" (production), "composing" (post-production), and "screening" (exhibition) (xxv), with the final chapter focused upon the essence of cinema, which Andrew understands as essentially mutable, yet inexorably tied up with reality.
Over and above literary genres, I would speculate that the "social mind" in literature manifests itself through four master modalities: the gnomic (essence), the informational (circumstance), the satiric, and the normative (examples of bad and good behavior, respectively).
From memories of his conversation, tantalising clues, tiny hints that might, just might, have meant something, from the occasional gnomic remark on a postcard from some faraway place (he was showing off, wasn't he: successful jet-setting businessman sends postcard to naive little er, what would he call her?
Logics of Worlds is a brilliant, fascinating and, at times, excruciatingly gnomic text.
MARCO'S KITCHEN BURNOUT ITV1, 9pm MARCO Pierre White's gnomic pronouncements and tablecloth-as-headscarf get-up provided a savoury twist to Hell's Kitchen.