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Impressively informed and informative, as well as thoroughly 'reader friendly' throughout, "Gnostic Mysteries Of Sex" is very highly recommended for personal, community, and academic library Metaphysical Studies, Gnostic Studies, and Ancient Christianity Studies reference collections and supplemental curriculum reading lists.
Indeed the Commedia is the gnostic vision of one who is lost in the dark wood of error, yet, with the assistance, both of pagan poets (Virgil, Statius) and of a mortal lady, finds his way to the Celestial Rose.
9) were one great polemical work against the Gnostics (a thesis also rejected in the 2006 French edition of these treatises), and the whole volume argues for dynamic developments in Plotinus's thought, which Narbonne attributes to Plotinus's growing desire to distance himself from Gnostic positions.
For Ibn Sina these two pleasures are lower than the true and the highest pleasure, which is intellectual pleasure, exemplified in the achievement of the gnostic.
does not try to normalize the thought and practice of ancient gnostics at the expense of some proto-orthodoxy.
Like John Crowley's Gnostic Egypt, Clarke's novel, though brilliantly comic, is often suffused with a sense of longing for a golden age lost in time.
The Gnostic response has been characterized by scholars such as loan Couliano as a system of thought that necessarily generates one of a number of logical solutions to this basic problem.
That's just what this 54-year-old musical theater professor from Casper College in Wyoming hopes to do with "The Magdalene," his off-Broadway musical play about the woman the Gnostic gospels portray as one of Jesus' most intimate disciples.
Although persecuted for their beliefs, disciples Sarah, Miriam and Mary Magdalene, and later Margaret, Blanche and Joanne, offer Jesus' true teachings of love and oneness as well as the Gnostic philosophy that transcendence comes from within.
Lasting happiness will be the focus of a Gnostic event on July 10 in major cities worldwide.
If so, profanity might be experienced differently in Christian populations depending upon the degree to which the body is viewed suspiciously, a lingering influence of Gnostic thought within the Christian tradition.
A very similar "revolutionary"--or if we like "antinomian"--interpretation of the Biblical story of the Fall was one of the core-myths of Gnostic anthropology in Late Antiquity.