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If one chooses to believe only the teachings of the Orthodox Church, and ignore the more authentic Gnostic gospels found in Nag Hammadi, so be it.
Simply explained, a gnostic view of being sees the world as clearly divided into two halves.
He hopes that his book will lead to the modern Gnostic project being taken more seriously.
Taking the Gnostics seriously in their claims about Jesus marrying would be like allowing the organisers of the Gay Pride movement to write the official history of the Catholic Church.
Impressively informed and informative, as well as thoroughly 'reader friendly' throughout, "Gnostic Mysteries Of Sex" is very highly recommended for personal, community, and academic library Metaphysical Studies, Gnostic Studies, and Ancient Christianity Studies reference collections and supplemental curriculum reading lists.
According to Gnostic cosmology, the Universe was not created by the Supreme Deity but by the Demiurge (called the World Artificer in Plato's Timaeus), leader of other lower spiritual powers, known as Archons in some systems.
Nor are religions the only movements growing up side by side with gnostic thought; Plato and Neoplatonism, especially insights advanced in the Timaeus, are powerful preludes to Dante's own vision of a heaven in which Union with the One and yet separation of the temporal from the eternal makes possible Dante's vision of God.
Narbonne offers no general reflections about the degree to which Plotinus is himself animated by a Gnostic spirit.
Depending on what formal definitions are imposed, there might seem a discontinuity between what I have elsewhere called "the shamanic paradigm" (1) and the Gnostic sensibility I impute to Burroughs.
Chapter 9 Fi Maqamat al-'Arifin (On the ranks of the gnostics) offers a description of the gnostic people, who manage to obtain this pleasure.
The Gnostics believed that spiritual practices and correct belief about the true identity of the self could help us bridge the gap between matter and spirit.
s work is his discussion of "the Gnostic myth" as the criterion for distinguishing this group.