go against

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Moreover, BSE also added that, it has obtained confirmation from the company saying the scheme does not go against or override provisions of securities laws or stock exchange demands.
But he is adamant his side were treated unfairly, having had more penalty decisions go against them than in the previous three games put together and is likely to pursue the matter further.
Spurs and Arsenal's quotes have been lowered by half a point, but there have been plenty of sellers looking to go against big-spending City and their sell price is down a point to 65.
He works hard for everyone but maybe he needs to remonstrate a bit more when decisions go against him.
You do worry when that many decisions go against you," he said.
The Irishman is convinced his side have been particularly hard done by this month with Reading's controversial stoppage-time winner at the Madejski Stadium the latest decision to go against them.
MBA questions, in many ways, are grossly unfair for someone who did not grow up within the same cultural paradigm--for example, in the West we are often encouraged to be individuals, go against the grain, and think outside the box--values that are not necessarily encouraged in Japanese culture.
In a midday address in Vatican City on October 8, the Pope encouraged families to go against cultural fashions that are inspired by hedonism and relativism.
At issue were hundreds of thousands of dollar if the court judgement were to go against Bourret and Penfield Books.
If the numbers go against you, and if the courts rule against you, do not--repeat, do not--concede.
From Super 8 home movies of Peterson's boyhood growing up close to the Midwestern Earth to voice-over narration about his adult hopes, dreams and personal struggles, viewers gain a unique perspective on what it means to go against the conventions of an insular society in search of a better world.
I don't think he realises but it doesn't matter what he puts to the vote at the minute, it will go against him.