go against

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The 26-year-old earned his first England cap in round two coming off the bench with 10 minutes to go against France.
The state or the people do not tolerate those who go against the Shariat.
He also called on Tunisians "to protest and continue to press the government to bring it back on the 2018 budget law as well as on all the choices that go against the ambitions of the people".
Iman decides to go against patriarchal tradition when a suitor comes for Noha.
Coun Bob Beauchamp (Con, Erdington) agreed: "If we go against the safety advice it would weigh very heavily on our shoulders if something happened."
Moreover, BSE also added that, it has obtained confirmation from the company saying the scheme does not go against or override provisions of securities laws or stock exchange demands.
Pulis said: "I think when things go against you they go against you and at the moment things are going against us.
The next second round of performances will take place on 23 March where Famaz Attak will go against The Pulpit, and on 27 March where Chillin in the Park will face Shemyetu.
Who is the one who had the audacity to go against its own people?
How, therefore, can anyone force them to go against everything they believe in, to suit a minority who are going against the teaching of the religion that they want to bless their union?
Last month, rival Barclays saw 27% of votes go against its pay report amid anger over chief executive Bob Diamond's hefty payout.