go ahead

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Chris Spreadbury, one of the organisers from LGBT helpline Coventry and Warwickshire Friend, confirmed that the event would still go ahead during an interview on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire today.
Melanie Pears, partner and head of public sector at Ward Hadaway, said: "It is a great relief to hear that the Dyke House scheme has got final approval to go ahead since everyone involved in the scheme has worked so hard to make it a reality.
But if they are to go ahead, from New Zealand's perspective, conditions have to be safe and sound for our people," Key said.
The president of the country, Hugo Chavez, said that the government would go ahead with the nationalisation move.
But we decided that as Travelscope did not own the ship involved and this was a very special world cruise, that we would - just this once - make plans for the holiday to go ahead.
Last night a spokesperson for Dublin City Council stressed the project WILL go ahead and said the travellers will be removed if necessary.
Existing funding for the neighbourhood wardens finishes in 2004 but the go ahead has now been given for bids to be made for funding through to March 2005.
That means next week's rescheduled CIS Cup ties - on the days when firefighters plan their first 48 hour walk out - will go ahead.
Fife said she expects most of the affected developments to go ahead during the appeals process except that the developers could now find their financing halted.
Go Ahead Training has been set in motion by experienced engineering boss Dave Spensley, who wants to ensure companies within the manufacturing sector can access a deep talent pool.
Mr Baugh was seeking permission at the tribunal preliminary hearing to go ahead with his compensation claims for constructive unfair dismissal and unpaid wages against his former employers.