go amiss

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All the same, dear daughters, a decent bottle of Chablis wouldn't go amiss.
A shop makeover to match these lovelies wouldn't go amiss.
A few words of warning from Mum might not go amiss.
But the Norwich City man sent out a chilling warning ahead of the Euro qualifiers, insisting chances cannot go amiss.
It s all about acknowledging talent that otherwise might go amiss.
We do love our daily routines to stay as they are, but extra turkey wouldn't go amiss.
A January spending spree wouldn't go amiss but the chances of that happening appear remote, bearing in mind that the club has recently announced a loss of PS13.
Let it also be recognised that these same Polish protesters are guests in this country, enjoying the freedom, hospitality and resources provided by the indigenous population, so a few words of thanks would not go amiss.
A few small landing strips in the Green Desert of Wales would not go amiss.
I've no complaints as to hard work although a little bit of good fortune would not go amiss.