go astray

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These misguided people sacrificed their own lives wantonly, very often made our own plans go astray, and retarded our organization.
The doctor's four venerable friends made him no answer, except by a feeble and tremulous laugh; so very ridiculous was the idea that, knowing how closely repentance treads behind the steps of error, they should ever go astray again.
Every third man wears a uniform, and whether he be a marshal of the empire or a brakeman, he is ready and perfectly willing to answer all your questions with tireless politeness, ready to tell you which car to take, yea, and ready to go and put you into it to make sure that you shall not go astray.
All things may go astray in this world, but not love.
Thus, God treats each one of us with deep love and care, and God wills that we return to him if we at a certain point go astray.
He said there was no reason for law enforcers to go astray and that criminals had no place in the city.
The trend among youngsters to go astray has to be nipped in the bud.
But when we have everybody back fit and available we'll have a decent strong squad and hope a better balance and hopefully a wee bit of luck wouldn't go astray.
Thisisaracewheregambles regularly go astray, certainlyin recentyears,soonehastobe waryofthecurrentante-post leaderMotivado,whoisalready asshortas5-1followinga comfortablesuccessatGlorious Goodwood,allowinghimtorun at Yorkunderapenalty .
He also expressed his resolve that PML-N's struggle for independent Judiciary was a part of heritage of Nation's political history, and would not be allowed to go astray or wasted.
I am sharing my experience with Prime Minister Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev, because I don't want them to go astray by making similar mistakes" Ex-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, who is nearly 80 "There is a fairly widespread assumption in the prevailing culture of Britain that people of faith rely on dogma and bigotry and that no one with a brain can believe in God.
However, best laid plans of piglets and men oft do go astray, and Piggity-Wiggity Jiggity Jig gets a chance to shine