go away

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You shall not go away alone, George," she wrote, "while I have strength and spirits to keep you company.
But I would give up my life in the hope that I can, I cried that day, it's affected me deeply and won't go away.
Sydney's expanded and updated 4th edition of Ignore Your Teeth and They'll Go Away, the Complete Guide to Gum Disease.
Since many families go away in August, July is seen as a key time for home owners to meet with agents and begin discussing the campaign.
A There are treatments available but many are painful so it is often better to allow the spots to go away on their own.
If only you were here today, the pain we feel would go away.
Bailing Hole, on condition he stays at his address and reports to a police station three times a week, the Recorder told him: "You can get support if you are feeling stressed but this will not go away.
1 : to go away or go away from : leave <They departed school for home.
Elmo wishes daddy never had to go away, but Elmo always talks about it with Elmo's mommy and daddy.
Kenny will fight through it and try to make it go away but the biggest problem he'll have - that anyone will have - is the Glasgow mentality.
When managers go away moaning that is the way we want it," said the Scouser and boyhood Liverpool fan.