go back

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"Don't--don't be unhappy," she said, with a break in her voice, as she drew her hands away; and he answered: "You won't go back--you won't go back?" as if it were the one possibility he could not bear.
"I won't go back," she said; and turning away she opened the door and led the way into the public dining-room.
[Hurriedly.] Think as you like about me--say what you choose against me, but go back, go back to the husband you love.
Only go back to your husband, and I promise you never to communicate with him again on any pretext--never to see him--never to have anything to do with his life or yours.
Go back, Lady Windermere, to the husband who loves you, whom you love.
"Then why, when you were able to run away, did you go back to him?"
"Then you want me to go back there?" said the young girl cruelly.
You will go back, of course, to your brother's house, as if nothing had happened."
Better go back at once, better go back at once, and have done with it!'
I told him he had complained of our being willing to let him go back alone, and I was now about to tell him we designed he should not go back at all.
(for she had begun to cry); "I would not go back to the old times if I earned twice as much, so that is settled, little woman.
TOM CRUISE returns as the eponymous former major in the Military Police, now living off the grid in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (tonight, Channel 4, 9pm).