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Only go back to your husband, and I promise you never to communicate with him again on any pretext--never to see him--never to have anything to do with his life or yours.
Go back to that child who even now, in pain or in joy, may be calling to you.
The voice was there, spoke to me with great sadness and told me plainly that, if I must bestow my heart on earth, there was nothing for the voice to do but to go back to Heaven.
"Then why, when you were able to run away, did you go back to him?"
'You know very well,' retorted Harriet in her turn, 'that I won't go back to them.
Thank God, you earn enough to keep us, though it is sometimes close work to pay for all the oats and hay, the license, and the rent besides; but Harry will soon be earning something, and I would rather struggle on harder than we do than go back to those horrid times when you hardly had a minute to look at your own children, and we never could go to a place of worship together, or have a happy, quiet day.
(for she had begun to cry); "I would not go back to the old times if I earned twice as much, so that is settled, little woman.
Alvarez said Molina's rich collection of primary sources on Philippine history should inspire budding history students and Filipinos to go back to basics to advance historical research in this time of
Dawn seems ready to go back to her life before she experimented with English ways, which includes going back to her husband.
Yusuf Kobi explained that the primary objective of the TGT program is to encourage the 13,836 IDPs already enumerated to go back to their respective communities or any other safe and secured location in the country to resettle and move on with life.
She said: "I think women find it hard to be able to admit that they want to go back to work and that they are going to go back a bit earlier than everyone thinks is acceptable.
Also for Mario to go back to Italy to play for Milan was important.