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I decided to go backpacking alone because everything was laid out so well.
Carolyn, who is now headteacher, said: "Pat and Janet, along with our other sister Helen, knew some people from Swansea who were living in Denmark, so they decided to go backpacking and find some work.
He decided to go backpacking with his girlfriend after being made redundant for the third time and had only arrived in the Far East last week.
Alf shocks everyone by announcing that he's leaving the Bay to go backpacking around the world.
Mark told us: "We've been all over the world having the time of our lives but I've always wanted to go backpacking around Thailand so that's going to be our big summer break.
Micah Small, 21, Electrician: ``I used to live in Bishop and I always used to go backpacking.
Chris fell in love with Australia after his parents bought him a ticket to go backpacking more than ten years ago.
This summer I managed to save up to go backpacking around Italy and Sardinia ( my first holiday in years.
He plans to go backpacking in January, but in the meantime, is working as a waiter at Sunderland's Stadium of Light to help pay for his travels David, who already has 11 GCSEs under his belt, has decided to put off going to university after he receives his results in A-level business studies, computing and physics and AS maths.
A HUDDERSFIELD trader is closing his shop - to go backpacking round the world.
Some 11 per cent were keen to go backpacking, the survey of 2,000 adults found.