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Despite gloomy predictions from unions, BDO said fewer manufacturing firms were set to go bust in 2004 than at any time over the past decade.
This will give you protection if the retailer does go bust - under a law known as section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 - and you will be entitled to your money back.
The family-run firm had a pounds 9million final salary pension fund which they say was one of the liabilities that made them go bust.
Blastland says more travel firms "trading in the toughest market for many years" are bound to go bust in the coming months.
It doesn't really make sense, because if our high street banks did go bust it would be a catastrophe on an unprecedented and unimaginable scale, but even so - I'd still be laughing.
NEVER book your flight on a debit card - always use a credit card which offers greater protection including refunds if firms go bust.
Unions Community and Amicus have brought the case against the UK Government, saying the Government failed to comply with an EU Directive that says member states have to have protection in place for workers whose firms go bust.
The group predicted 16,150 firms would go bust ( an average of 310 a week and the lowest figure for six years as it expected a soft landing for the economy next year.
NEW laws should stop the 'crisis and tragedy' of workers losing their pensions when their firms go bust, the Government said yesterday.
Rival carrier Easyjet said the collapse of Duo, which began trading just seven months ago,had brought a ``severe dose of reality'' to an overcrowded market and warned that more companies would go bust in the battle to provide ever lower fares.