go contrary to

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The statement, signed Ghana's Director General of Police Public Affairs, David Eklu also stated that the police administration "will not tolerate any acts or actions by Ghanaian Police officers that go contrary to United Nations rules and regulations.
Sadly everything became controversial from the word go contrary to the nation's expectations of the reputed array of Jurists in the country's top judiciary.
Correspondents say the invitation puts Mr Moon in a difficult position as he campaigned on a promise to engage with the North, but his moves in that direction go contrary to the wishes of his ally the US.
Sri Lankans, both expatriates and others who have banded themselves into an Internet Dialogue are well aware of this scenario when they were perturbed to read the Asian Tribune Political Note which reported the US Government officials associating with an event that go contrary to the policies of the Trump administration.
He confirmed that the public prosecution is embarked on taking the necessary legal measures to sue who dared to disseminate such lies which go contrary to the constitution of this country.
It reaffirmed Kuwait's firm stance rejecting such acts of terrorism that go contrary to all faiths and human values and norms, expressing condolences and sympathy to the British Government and the victims' families, wishing the wounded a speedy recovery.
He's the last of a kind: the last president of the World War II generation, the first president of the post-Cold War era, and the last president to make a decided choice to go contrary to his own political interest when he broke his "no new taxes" pledge in 1990.
Colleagues at other universities have also mentioned incidents when faculty have been removed for merely analysing scenarios, or suggesting alternative hypotheses that go contrary to the official narrative of the government, military or other powerful institutions in the country.
The spokesperson, in response to question by the Sudan News Agency, has refuted the allegations of mass rape of 200 women in Tabit village saying such claims go contrary to the logic of things and also contradicts the customs and traditions of the local population.
These kinds of sanctions go contrary to the spirit of goodwill that should govern the [nuclear] talks.
What makes this debate fascinating, however, is that privacy laws in the UK go contrary to what one would expect with a right to breastfeed in public.
he said: "My central principle of investment is to go contrary to general opinion, on the grounds that, if everyone agreed about its merits, the investment is inevitably too dear and therefore unattractive.