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T&C: As tea is being portrayed as health beverage of the next millennium, will the filter paper and other materials used in the teabags go counter to the health claim?
A system which involves the wasta in quality control for employees or students does not go counter to cultural values in the same way as without warning to award a failing grade or to fire an employee.
Networx Exhibits' unique and patented GO Counter is positioned to be a game changer at trade shows, presentations, conferences, sales meetings and other high-performance environments.
go counter to cultural principles notably the freedom of religion and freedom
There is an extended range of homeware while the food hall now features a new Hot Food To Go counter selling a range of hot breakfast and lunch options.
New concessions including a hot food to go counter, a technology department and the Autograph clothing range for men.
There are differences in the two quarterbacks, and they go counter to some of the easy stereotypes.
Even anger, occasionally, at some of the decisions that go counter to everything you think.
However, profits are still needed, and many of the old ways of achieving profits go counter to the new partnership ideas.