go counter to

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There are ideological groups that disguise as political parties to reach power," he said, noting that some partisan practices go counter to the traditional values of the Gulf communities.
They pursue offering the good quality cell phones with competitive prices and will not go counter to the principle of integrity and fairness.
It would go counter to the prevailing ideology that they espouse," Paul Stevens, senior research fellow for energy at Chatham House in London said, adding the GECF would find it difficult to influence gas prices like Opec does oil.
Modernization plans of the armed forces do not go counter to the UAE constant peaceful policy, but reflect our determination to defend our accomplishments, security and stability.
Nutritional analyses are not included, and some recipes are not necessarily low in fat, which seems to go counter to the book's title.
Unfortunately he didn't have the courage of his convictions and then made defensive minded substitutions to go counter to the positive mindset he wanted to impose on his side.
Some of the tactics go counter to long-established procedures and officers' inclinations.
Conservative viewpoints go counter to the principles outlined in Humanist Manifesto III, a document signed in 2003 by leaders of every Humanist organization in the United States and most worldwide.
law which critics say would go counter to the WTO's free-trade goal has drawn criticism also from Australia and Canada.
Often they go counter to his own beliefs, and they remain unsigned.
I conclude then with a postscript for Baptists: If there is anything quintessentially Baptist about the ministerial career of Fred Shuttlesworth, it was his willingness, and the willingness of his followers, to go counter to the culture around them.
Tape magazines, special entry ports, modular designs that hook together multiple products are nice features for higher end products, but go counter to the objective of low cost.