go different ways

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If the advice of an old man is, then, worth hearkening to, children, you will quickly go different ways to your places of shelter and safety.
Alice said, as gravely as she could, 'They might go different ways.
He does his stuff right, a good footballer, it was just time for us to go different ways.
Ahmed Elmoghir -- Courtesy of his official Twitter account On the other side, Amr Darrag, who served as the Brotherhood's "Freedom and Justice" Foreign Relations' committee, announced during a talk show on Al Jazeera in August 2014, that the then army chief Abdel Fatah al-Sisi "preferred dialogue over force to put an end to the sit-in," but they have chosen to go different ways, he added.
It is unfortunate we have to go different ways but it's all done in the best interest of the club.
And that's brilliant on his behalf, people can change in football and go different ways.
There's some things in the corner where there's pads jutting out and the ball can hit those and go different ways.
After dropping a mixtape "Evil Blend" and several performances they had to go different ways, still remaining great friends.
Irreconcilable differences on the romantic front can make you and lover go different ways.
There will be times when we may differ on strategy and we may go different ways, but I think on balance when we have stayed together I think we've worked well," he said.
Our goalkeeping coach Jonathan Gould drew me up a list before the game and said different players go different ways in the main, and I made up my mind up that if Van Persie took a penalty I would go that way, and well done to him.
They hit the numbers on the scoreboard, they can go different ways.