go down

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So the ladies-in-waiting had to go down to him again.
Let me go down to this house whose name I forget instead of you.
I think I'll go down the other way,' she said after a pause:
Then I 'd better not go down," began Polly, when a stern voice from below called, like Bluebeard, "Are you coming down?
Before some of these majestic cuffs Cesar would go down and vanish.
The sun flamed down as hot as a furnace, and neck-scarfs, veils and umbrellas seemed hardly any protection; they served only to make the long procession look more than ever fantastic--for be it known the ladies were all riding astride because they could not stay on the shapeless saddles sidewise, the men were perspiring and out of temper, their feet were banging against the rocks, the donkeys were capering in every direction but the right one and being belabored with clubs for it, and every now and then a broad umbrella would suddenly go down out of the cavalcade, announcing to all that one more pilgrim had bitten the dust.
And he sat about the front looking at the lagoon, and at sunset he would go down and look at Murea.
Let us go down to the Vicarage and inquire about it.
Go down by San Jose and Salinas an' come out on the coast at Monterey.
March whispered gently, "My dear, don't let the sun go down upon your anger.
Could I but see him go down into the house of Hades, my heart would forget its heaviness.
You go down to the others," said Lucy; "Charlotte and I will give Mr.