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Sharpy was one of those players if you were struggling at the back, you could play it in the air and know he would challenge and probably win things, or you could go down the line and he could hold it up.
I'm not going to go down the line of speaking about Ben coming back to put pressure on Boaz.
Welbeck does tend to drift inside too far and too often and that allows Leighton Baines (above) to go down the line, but these wide men must also remember to track back and defend.
But I do think it is dangerous to go down the line of a player jumping into a managerial career.
One of them was to go down the line and have Bane be a straight villain.
I don't want to go down the line of ringing the referees up or making a huge issue of it because I know the officials are doing their best, but if you have got something which is potentially working well for you then you want to use it to the maximum effect.