go forward

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City of Sunderland College's North East Contact Centre Academy won the contract to deliver the Go Forward programme in the region through centres like the new one at Segedunum in Wallsend.
Go Forward is a part time programme, consisting of 15 hours training each week.
Specifically, the CAFC denied petitions requesting appeal from the Markman rulings issued by the Connecticut Court on October 12, 2006 construing claim terms in six Enzo patents asserted against Applera and Tropix, thus allowing Enzo's infringement case to go forward.
We have gotten there with this transaction and will continue to do so as we go forward," said Farkas.
Radford said he switched to Snyder because he never could ``get his arms'' around the LCOR deal, and that it didn't guarantee the development would go forward.
Any buildings that now go forward will be `smart'," said Moss.
I am surprised that even those who voted to go forward had so many questions about their vote,'' Lansing said.
When the conference committee reconvenes on Wednesday, we urge the members to go forward - quickly - on this urgent matter.
Factors that could cause the transaction not to go forward include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) unfavorable economic and industry conditions and (2) other unanticipated conditions and developments.
During the past few months, Viva has positioned itself to go forward with developing various joint venture and code share arrangements with existing air service providers.
We are very fortunate to inherit such a high quality management team and expect to maintain the same high standards set by Roger Hasselman as we go forward," added David Hanson, managing director of Lynwood.
We are asking the court for a balanced solution that allows the housing and school components of the development to go forward while deciding other issues.