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If you go into the system today and say, "Listen, I want to put stuff on this airplane that will make it a communications relay and do the sort of data link transmission that makes it truly useful to the commander," you run up against a bureaucracy that says you guys are gold plating this airplane.
I go into the libraries of these four seminaries--I hope to go into yours tomorrow--and if I go into the right section I will see a shelf the length of that wall filled with red and blue bound volumes of the complete works of Dr.
To go into the tomb, John must have known, at least intuitively, was to challenge the very integrity of his mystical life.
You've had some people say the state is going to go into a recession.
They're going to go into a period of reflection where they say, "Okay, well, what are we doing?" You can see that in Reuters, as an example.
I have a pile that I'm thinking about, and most 5701s go into that pile.
I'd like to go into doing shoe designs and things like that,
You can't go into a musical theater performance with any sort of chip on your shoulder or mood and come out in the same mood.
We start with CONOPS (concept of operations) first and then we go into the programs.