go into detail

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I know the story--don't go into details that only harrow your soul up unavailingly.
I could have wished to go into details, to describe in crisp, burning sentences the panic that swept like a tornado through a million homes.
Well, you can form your own conclusions, and you won't want me to go into details.
When you are praising a person to another who is to know her, it is bad policy to go into details.
After that, the guide then begins to list and go into detail the various tasks and activities a property manager has to do for their Northern Virginia property manager services.
But modest Murray declined to go into detail about what he replied.
I won't go into detail but let's say I'm on the wrong side of 50.
Racing manager Bob Rowe said: "I can't go into detail at the moment as we can't even get into the racing office.
We can't possibly go into detail in a family newspaper but the messages she's been sending to the toyboy she met on said social networking site are making us blush.
He refused to go into detail about their conversation but said: "Everybody wants to get out of a situation like this.
Granma cited inefficiency and negligence as reasons for the drop in production, but did not go into detail.
But on returning to Britain after a trip abroad in July last year he was stopped by border agency officers who became suspicious when he was unable to go into detail.